What is Pilates?

Pilates is a body conditioning routine developed by Joseph Pilates that aims to strengthen the body by building endurance, coordination, balance and flexibility.


It puts emphasis on developing a strong “core” or “powerhouse” (torso), and can help increase circulation.

It is believed that Pilates can improve posture, reduce the risk of injury, relieve stress and tension and contribute to better overall health.

My focus is not to exercise a class of clients, but to apply the right exercises for each individual. Whether you choose 1:1 or a small group class at Pilates with Louise, you will always maintain your own programme, working at your own pace, towards your own objectives.

Pilates is for you if ….

  • You want to feel the health benefits of better posture, get toned, stronger and healthier
  • You want to lower stress and anxiety levels
  • You experience back pain, prolapsed disc, sciatica, facet joint syndrome or sacroiliac instability
  • You want to improve your core stability
  • You are recovering after an operation, eg spine , hip, shoulder, knee or ankle and want to improve stability and strength to regain an active lifestyle. I have first hand experience of spinal fusion
  • You experience niggling pain in joints or muscles. Most physiotherapist will recommend Pilates once you finish your treatment
  • You are over 60 and want to improve your balance, flexibility and strength whist safely getting fit and reducing joint pain
  • You are hypermobile. Pilates improves joint stability which can help prevent injuries and early-onset osteoarthritis
  • You want to improve posture and core strength post pregnancy, enabling you to improve your overall fitness and regain your pre pregnancy weight
  • You suffer from osteoporosis or osteopenia

For more information about Pilates Classes in Nazeing please phone Louise on 07958 517987 or email via the Contact page.