Corporate Pilates

Pilates classes and training in the workplace can help with long term motivation of employees to lead healthier, balanced and more active lifestyles.

Studies show there is a link between health and happiness in the workplace and many employers now recognise that there are benefits in providing their employees with fitness training at work.

People at work can often need time off due to health problems caused by poor posture while sitting at a computer desk or standing for long periods while working. Health problems can include damage and pain in the back, feet and legs.

Pilates fits in well at the workplace because it can be done in a fairly small space and most employees will be able to take part.

Corporate Pilates sessions must be booked in blocks of 7 to ensure maximum fitness benefits will be achieved.

I can come to your place of work at a time suitable for you and your employees, most often lunchtime, or after work.

For more details, please phone Louise on 07958 517987 or email via the Contact page. There is a minimum charge of £95 per session.